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bars & restaurants

Sure, Düsseldorf has more than a hundred restaurants, bars and clubs in the whole city influenced by different cultures from all over the world.

Here we´d like to recommend you a few bar´s and restaurants with special atmosphere, life music and common people!

For visitors with a special affinity for mediteranean food, go to "d´vine" closed to the media port in the middle sout of Düsseldorf

Wanna taste a good italien restaurant? Go to "menta" next door!

The best japaneese food in this city, esspecially sushi, you find at "KiKaKu", which is located very closed to the main railway station in the centre.

At least, we have here a combination of bar and restaurant called "Olives" which is very closed to the "Koe (Kö)".

Finally, when you have eaten fresh and tasty food and want to settle down for the evening, you should stop at "Bar Alexander".
To get brilliant cocktails in the centre, you should take a look at "Siam Bar" with a fellining like in South-East Asia!

But don´t forget to visit the town´s landmark called "Schumacher".


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